We have always created products for our clients by listening to our clients and understanding their needs. We have therefore developed a unique one-of-a-kind exclusive hairline system. We are very excited to present it to you, as there are no comparable none-surgical product on the market, that is tailored to the loss of the hairline. All of our units incorporate our signature 100% virgin hair.

The system is designed specifically for the perimeter of the hairline, for thinning hairline or hairline where there may be no hair at all and is great as protective style. Perfect Line Hairline System (AKA THE LEAVE OUT) is A method of injecting hair into the lightest and most ultra thin Swiss lace material, as well as hybrid options made from Ultra thin Swiss lace and other material. Each hair is strategically placed into this ultra thin base material with a new state of the art injection method, which replicates the way hair grows naturally. One unique factor about Perfect Line is, we have mastered the technique in creating a natural hairline that will fit flawless to every standard hairline right off the shelves.